Thank you to the following donors for their support of our 2020 Spring Appeal!


Corporate Donors:















Lake of the Woods and Greenwoods Camps 



Individual Donors:


The Abramson Family 

The Ackerman Family

The Alzate Family


Ewa Augusewicz

Betsy and David Baker

Jared and Lisa Bell

The Berliner Family

Courtney and Robert Bloom

The Bombicino Family*

The Boyes Family

The Brody Family

Natalie and Paul Brown*

The Burggraaff Family 

The Burk Family

The Cacelas Family

Lisa and Drew Cardonick

Paul and Carisa Conley

Julie and Fred Crandall

Josh and Lisa Dorfman

The Ellman Family

The Elsasser Family

Carrie and Jonathan Feig*

The Fields Family*

The Fiely Family

The Fink Family

The Foersterling Family*

Erica and Gary Freeman

Melissa and Matt Friedman

The Goldenberg Family

Jacqueline Goldin

The Goltz Family

Rob and Sacha Gordon

The Greenwood Family*

Katharine and Justin Greis

The Gruen Family

The Heller Family

Danny and Stefanie Hest 

Jill and Douglas A. Hirsh

Julie and Andy Holton

Heather and Eric Jagher

The Karabatsos Family

The Kaufman Family 

The Kelly Family

Julie and Daniel Klaff

The Kulakofsky Family*

The Marrin-Reukauf Family

The Martin Family

The Michelon Family

Brian and Andrea Nelson

Andres Ordonez and Brenda Robles

The Perlberg Family

The Plankar Family

Mark and Nancy Ratner

The Richman Family

The Roberts Family

The Rosenbloom Family*

The Rubin Family

Jim and Claudia Ryerson

The Schecter Family

The Schimmel Family

The Segel Family*

Brian and Brooke Semel

Margaret and Alan Silberman

The Silberman Family*

The Slovitt Family

The Stein Family

Jori and Tommy Sternberg   

The Styles Family

Glen Voycey

Mike and Beverly Walther

Catherine Wang

David and Lauren Weiner

The Weissman Family

The Worthington Family

Yvonne Yuen

The Zafrani Family

The Zoerb Family*


* indicates member of the Glencoe PTO Executive Board