Welcome to Glencoe District 35!  Below is some info to help you navigate your first year like a pro.


Glencoe PTO Tips

  • Everyone is a member of the PTO and can take advantage of everything we have to offer! Find out about events and other important information by signing up for our weekly newsletter.

  • We provide lunch to the district -- a portion of the sale goes to the PTO. Register to start placing orders. *Use the School Passcode: TGS290.

  • Our online student directory (the district doesn’t publish one) can easily be used via an app on your phone. Purchase access here.

  • Students at South and West Schools can enjoy PTO-sponsored before-school clubs. Stay tuned for sign-up information.

  • Volunteer with us! There are lots of opportunities throughout the year to get involved. Learn more.


District 35 Tips

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